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Traditionally, window tints were viewed mainly as something that offered an aesthetically pleasing look to performance vehicles. And while it remains true that window tints increase the visual appeal of a vehicle, there are many health, safety and vehicle benefits to having your heavy-duty truck’s windows tinted. With operators logging long hours on the road, window tints are becoming more common on heavy-duty trucks and with fleet managers. Tints can help protect drivers from excess UV rays, decrease glare and even improve fuel consumption during the warmer months.
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Benefits of Window Tints

We’ll look at some of the key benefits of getting window tints on your heavy-duty diesel trucks.

Block out harmful UV rays

Proper window tints can prevent up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays from penetrating the windows This is increasingly important as drivers face long hours on the road.  Recent studies indicate that truck drivers commonly show signs of cancer on the left-hand side of their face and arm.

Decrease glare

Window tints function much like sunglasses, but for your entire vehicle.  By reflecting bright light and glare, heavy-duty operators experience less fatigue from sun strain on their eyes. Certain types of tints can also help reduce sharpness of oncoming headlights during nighttime driving.

Increase fuel efficiency

If your truck has been parked in the sun you know the feeling of getting into the cab and immediately cranking up the air conditioning.  This increased A/C impacts fuel consumption.  Depending on how long and hard you run you A/C, your fuel consumption can increase from 5 - 25% while your truck is keeping cool.  Correct tints can considerably impact the interior temperature of your truck, making extreme use of your A/C less necessary.

Protect your truck’s interior

Just as the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin and eyes, it also wears the interior of your truck.  Window tints help prevent these UV rays from penetrating your truck’s windows, which increases the longevity of your rig’s dash, steering wheel, seats and console.

Reduce heat

If you’ve ever parked your truck in the sun for an extended period of time, you know that feeling of getting into the cab and being scalded by every surface.  Window tints play a considerable role in keeping the interior of your truck cooler - so you’re climbing into comfort.

Protect your privacy

You know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind”. The same can be said for your belongings in your truck.  If passerbyers are unable to see your valuables through your windows it decreases the risk of break-ins.

Protect your windshield

Window tints can add an extra layer of protection to your windshield from the spread of chips and dings.  The material of the tint works to hold the window together which can prevent a window from shattering.

At All Things Truck & Trailer we’ll work with you to understand the usage of your vehicle to ensure you’re getting the most suitable tints.

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