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What is preventive maintenance, and how does it cut unplanned downtime?

Preventive maintenance (PM) keeps equipment in top condition through regular machinery checkups and maintenance tasks. These services may be scheduled according to a calendar or based on equipment operating time. The process typically involves inspection, cleaning and oil and filter changes. A preventive maintenance program can reduce unplanned downtime by providing a framework to identify and address any needed repairs.

Why do you need a preventive maintenance plan?

Preventive maintenance is the practice of performing scheduled maintenance for critical components and systems to prevent failure and ensure continuous operation. Without a maintenance plan, unexpected failures can occur. Machines can stop which causes disruption to production with little or no warning.

A well-run maintenance program includes a schedule, a list of tasks and a plan to deal with each problem before it occurs. A well-run maintenance program also requires that technicians stick to the plan, follow the schedule and report problems as they arise. 

Remember that regular oil and filter changes are always good to make, but they won’t detect or prevent bigger issues.

Benefits of a preventive maintenance plan

An effective preventive maintenance plan extends the time between failures and raises overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). There’s less need for overtime, costs are controlled and stress levels are lowered. Morale improves when people can focus on business needs and not emergency crises. Any operation can easily implement a preventive maintenance program, but the key is sticking with it! 

We understand that seeking preventive maintenance is a challenge, but our preventive maintenance services will provide you with the insight, leadership and expertise required to succeed.

What are the benefits of preventative maintenance?

  • It will increase your truck’s lifespan
  • It will decrease unexpected downtime
  • It will increase safety
  • It will increase fuel economy
  • It will decrease overall repair costs
  • It will help improve your company’s reputation 

Need help improving uptime and efficiency?

Contact us to discuss a preventive maintenance plan that will help minimize your diesel truck’s downtime.

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