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At All Things Truck & Trailer, we provide expert service on all makes and models of light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Our highly trained, skilled and experienced technicians are gifted at solving difficult-to-diagnose problems. At All Things Truck & Trailer, we are committed to providing our customers with a memorable experience, quality work and extremely prompt service. Our team understands that in order to keep your well-made truck running beautifully–regular maintenance is required. 

The exhaust system in your truck or trailer is a complex system.  The performance of this system is affected by other important systems in your vehicle. Issues here could result in decreased power, acceleration, and fuel economy. Additionally, this can create unanticipated downtime for your truck or trailer.  

Warning signs of an exhaust issue can often be detected by a hissing or rattling sound coming from your exhaust. If you have a leaking gasket or crack in the manifold or exhaust pipe, you will hear a hissing sound or loud exhaust. If you hear a rattling sound it generally indicates that the exhaust system is misaligned.

It might be easy to ignore the noise or rattle from your exhaust system, but you should not ignore it for too long because the issues can worsen over time. Fixing the problem will not only ensure that your truck or trailer sounds good, but leaking exhaust fumes also can make you sick. Address exhaust issues promptly to avoid an expensive and stressful situation.

Exhaust system issues can also dramatically impact the performance of your truck or trailer. It is possible that you may experience an abrupt decrease in the acceleration and power of your truck or trailer. This can also present an issue such as clogged exhaust manifolds. If there is an exhaust leak it will affect how your turbo performs because some of the exhaust escapes before the designed exhaust system.

At All Things Truck & Trailer, our talented team of experts utilize the most up-to-date, advanced and available technology providing unmatched diagnostic service.

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