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Engine tuning refers to adjusting the Engine Control Unit (ECU) in order to optimize your engine’s performance. This is achieved by increasing the power, economy, and durability of your vehicle. Ultimately, tuning your diesel truck means various things, which all depend on what sort of outcome you’re looking to get out of the tune. So before you start the process, decide what the objective is so we can pursue the proper path to achieve it. 

Why Do People Tune Their Engine?

There is no shortage of reasons why people decide to tune their engines. The make, model, and age of your truck will influence what level of improvements you may want to make. 

Here is a list of common tuning benefits people strive to achieve:

  • Increased engine responsiveness across the power range 
  • Increased horsepower
  • More fuel efficiency
  • The cleaner burn of fuel which results in more efficiency & power
  • Increased torque
  • Increased the dynamics and maneuverability of the truck

How Does Engine Tuning Work? 

A tuner is often referred to as a “plug-and-play” modification because it’s user-friendly and easy to install. Once you are updated and installed, select your truck’s year, make, and model and manually input what you hope to achieve with your tune. If you’re looking to tow, or dominate the highway, this is how it is achieved.

Your truck comes with a built-in “computer” that operates your truck’s functions. You will have access to adjust your “computer” and communicate to your engine that you want to change your engine’s system. 

You’ll have an easy-to-read monitor inside your truck that will allow you to see displays of different functions, settings, and readings that will help monitor your activity under the hood. Coming to All Things Truck & Trailer, your truck will be professionally tuned. Our team will guarantee the most efficient, impactful tune to help achieve your performance goals.

A tuner will allow you to impact:

  • Air/fuel ratio for more powerful and controlled combustion
  • Ignition timing to maximize combustion for more engine power and efficiency
  • Recalibration for tire/gear changes that could affect performance
  • Improved engine combustion for more power achieved through less fuel consumption

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