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Diesel engines are designed for high-performance operation, which can be monitored by a vehicle’s integrated diagnostic system. As diesel truck mechanics and technology continues to present advanced, reliable diagnostics on the vehicle.

The electronic control units (ECU) in diesel trucks give diagnostic technicians access to sensors located throughout the engine compartment that provide performance data on various components.

A qualified diagnostic technician is able to connect to the diesel engine ECU via the truck’s onboard diagnostic connector (ODC). Doing so allows them to be able to analyze the following information from the vehicle:

  • Any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that indicate a problem with a specific component.
  • Truck performance data to ensure optimal engine performance and operation.
  • Detailed truck parameters from various components connected to the ODS, such as fuel levels, engine speed, engine and transmission oil temperatures.
  • Real-time vehicle information for temperatures and pressure.
  • Vehicle data that assess fuel economy, idle time, and distances, among other performance metrics. These can be adjusted to reveal specific trip data. 

Through diagnostics, technicians receive a ton of information on all aspects of a diesel truck’s performance and potential mechanical issues. This provides a valuable and efficient way to identify the source of vehicle problems and determine the extent of the problem. Diagnostics have also become key to preventative maintenance, helping drivers catch potential problems before they cause severe damage.

The following are examples of a number of problem areas in diesel trucks that diagnostics help identify:

  • Anti-lock braking systems can develop electrical or mechanical problems that are difficult to detect and diagnose without running diagnostics.
  • Battery performance and voltage levels. Diagnostics inform drivers of electrical issues and/or problems with the battery.
  • Electrical problems with the ECU itself, such as faulty sensors and connection problems. 
  • Engines functionality, including performance, problems starting, and any potential component failure. 

Retrieving and analyzing a truck’s diagnostics with a qualified technician helps maintain the health of a diesel truck’s engine, and can identify problems long before they present themselves and cause further damage.

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