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The current state of the industry requires commercial heavy-duty vehicles to be inspected every year. DOT stands for The Department of Transportation, which sets the bar for standard vehicle inspections, issuing a law that drivers must adhere to if they want to legally stay on the road. In the case of owning a fleet of trucks or just one truck, ensure that you do your research and find a qualified inspector who can perform the required safety checks.

What is involved with a heavy-duty truck DOT Inspection?

DOT inspections are timely. They are not the basic, fast test that most people would assume they are. What are some components of DOT inspections?

  • Frame inspections
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) checks
  • Vehicle suspension system inspection
  • Steering system inspection
  • Kingpin and bushing inspection

Inspections will vary depending on the vehicle, but all trucks need a frame inspection if they want to receive a passing grade. In the incident that a driver is caught on the road without a passing frame inspection, they can face serious consequences. Heavy-duty trucks are one of the leading vehicles involved in fatal crashes.

What are the benefits of a heavy-duty truck DOT Inspection?

There are many reasons why professional DOT inspections are important. Getting a DOT inspection will provide you with factual details regarding any needed repairs and it is preventive, ensuring proper safety precautions and legal compliance.

Our staff of trained and experienced individuals will inspect every aspect of your vehicle to detect any potential problem that you might face on the road. We are here to get your truck or trailer up to code with as little downtime as possible. We are confident that any truck or trailer owner can come to us for efficient, accurate, and detailed inspections that will keep you safe when on the road. We encourage you to get in touch with us today to learn more about DOT inspections and why you need to get one.

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