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Fluid for your diesel truck is like blood for your body, you need it in order to function and survive. Without fluid, a truck will remain at a halt. Here are some of the fluids that you should keep checking in your vehicle:

  • Brake fluid
  • Antifreeze fluid
  • Coolant
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Washer fluid

The corresponding parts will start acting out if the truck or trailer fluid is low and this will affect the overall performance of your truck. 

There are other common things to look for like a leak, which causes more leaks in the hydraulic system in the hose pipe of the reservoir cap. This is why it is vital to keep a watchful eye on the hydraulic system.

The after-effects of hydraulic system fluids are coolant or leaks which are damaging. If the auto-shift system of your truck or trailer is locked, you could lose control of the brakes and the steering wheel, especially if you are starting on an incline.

Come and visit us at All Things Truck & Trailer and we will ensure that your oil and fluid are properly monitored and changed. Having secure, efficiently working brakes is a matter of safety, which is why it is important to address your brake fluid, especially if you use your brakes a lot. 

Even if most trucks and trailers come with a sensor to indicate when washer fluid is low, it is still strongly advised that you check it periodically. 

Along with the necessary fluids, it is also valuable to clean your air filter. If the air filter is clean, your truck or trailer will consume less fuel. Our talented team of technicians is trained to help you maintain your air filter.

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