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Heavy-Duty truck getting repaired by All Things Truck And Trailer

There are many reasons why fleet managers and heavy-duty truck operators choose wraps or decals for their vehicles.  Professionalism, brand recognition, paint protection and effective advertising are just a few.  Among those, brand recognition is often stands out as a number one motivation for wrapping or decaling your truck.

Many companies understand the value of cost-effective brand visibility, and the impact it has for creating memorable contacts with thousands of potential customers. Truck wraps and decals can help ensure that your brand is top of mind.  Consider that your fleet or truck covers thousands of miles and are viewed by tens of thousands of eyes on a daily basis.  It just makes sense that your mobile billboard should be used to represent your logo, phone number and company message. Bold, colorful graphics on vehicles are hard to ignore, and function as memorable and impactful advertising because of its mobility, location and size.

In addition to brand recognition, truck wraps or decals contribute to business authority by providing a positive perception for customers.  Fleet vehicles are able to be identified and recognized which demonstrates professionalism and implies that your company can be trusted to get the work done.

Finally, truck wraps can offer protection to your vehicle’s exterior paint.  They can also help decrease the spread of rust.

At All Things Truck & Trailer we offer the following options:

  • Decals
  • Partial wraps
  • Full wraps

Reach out to our team at All Things Truck & Trailer and we’ll get you set up with quick installations and exceptional quality to make sure your wrap, and your message, last for the long haul.

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