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At All Things Truck & Trailer, we understand that keeping your heavy equipment running is a major part of keeping your business running.
General Diesel Repair
We know that unexpected breakdowns and lengthy repairs can result in lost revenue. Our general diesel repair services cover everything from preventative to emergency repairs. Whether you’re bringing your rig in for a scheduled preventative maintenance repair, or you find yourself with an unexpected break-down, you can guarantee our team will have you driving again in no time. 
Heavy Equipment Repair
Our quick and reliable heavy equipment repair addresses problems caused by accidents, contamination, deterioration, poor maintenance, age, and normal usage. At All Things Truck & Trailer, there is nothing we have not seen before and there is virtually nothing that we can not fix. We’ll work with owners, operators and fleet managers to assess the needs of your vehicle while ensuring there are no bumps, surprises or disappointments along the way.
Performance Tuning
Engine tuning refers to adjusting the Engine Control Unit (ECU) in order to optimize your engine’s performance. This is achieved by increasing the power, economy, and durability of your vehicle. Ultimately, tuning your diesel truck means various things, which all depend on what sort of outcome you’re looking to get out of the tune. Trust our experienced mechanics to use high-quality parts, up-to-date technology and the best solution for your tuning needs.
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance (PM) keeps equipment in top condition through regular machinery checkups and maintenance tasks. These services may be scheduled according to a calendar or based on equipment operating time. The process typically involves inspection, cleaning and oil and filter changes. A preventive maintenance program can reduce unplanned downtime by providing a framework to identify and address any needed repairs. We understand that seeking preventive maintenance is a challenge, but our preventive maintenance services will provide you with the insight, leadership and expertise required to succeed.
Truck Wheel Alignment
When your truck is out of alignment you will start to notice that certain components are wearing down. You may also find that the vehicle is driving differently. When you notice truck alignment issues, it is very important to have them addressed as soon as possible by a reputable repair facility like us. Let our team at At All Things Truck & Trailer get you back on the road as straight and quick as possible.

Available Financing

Special Financing Available on qualifying purchases made with a NAPA EasyPay Credit Card or pay for repairs through a cbCharge account avoiding the interest or late fees.
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Our Truck Detailing Services

All Things Truck & Trailer is trusted by operators and fleet managers for all the detailing work for their trucks. If they trust us to clean all of their heavy-duty rigs, you should too! Our work is unmatched and comes with total satisfaction following the completion of our detail work. Whether you are detailing your truck for resale or wanting a fresh clean exterior and interior before you hit the road, All Things Truck & Trailer in Weatherford, TX has you covered. Our technicians have years of experience and we are confident that your truck will be sparkling as brightly as the day you first drove it off the lot.

Heavy-Duty Truck Parts in Weatherford, TX

All Things Truck & Trailer sources heavy-duty truck parts from top suppliers.  We have years of experience sourcing the best OEM and Paragon truck parts and high quality alternatives, when needed, to save our customers costs.
New auto parts at shop at All Things Truck And Trailer

What Our Customers Have to Say About Us


I brought my 48' flatbed into the shop here that i recovered from a driver for blown wheel seals, bad brake shoes & drums, lights out, cracked suspension parts, etc..... The staff greeted me as soon as I entered the office and quickly had my trailer written up and the mechanics quickly had me pulled into the shop so they could get started. I can proudly say that these guys exceeded my expectations and I will certainly bring all my trucks and trailers back to this shop anytime I'm in the DFW area!!! Thanks Corey, Ricky, & Dakota

Terry Whitner
Google Review

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