10 All-New Semi Trucks In 2022: The Future Of Heavy-Duty Cargo Transportation

10 All-New Semi Trucks In 2022 - Blog All Things Truck & Trailer

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles travel across a vast nation like the United States every day, carrying goods of all kinds. They facilitate the movement of raw materials and commodities from ports and markets to manufacturers and finished goods from factories to markets, customers, and ports (for export). Trucks are essential to every expanding economy, and the wheels of the economy would stop turning if the trucks' wheels stopped turning. In this article, we will share 10 of the best semi-trucks available out there for purchase. 

1. Actros Mercedes-Benz

When it comes to semi-trucks, it's virtually the final word in luxury. The Actros boasts super-sleek exterior and interior designs in line with the Mercedes Benz tradition. The Euro VI-compliant engine delivers much better fuel efficiency than the competition, and this beauty is powered by a 625 horsepower engine and has a luxurious and comfortable cabin. The Actros has received several honors, including the most significant aerodynamic design.

2. W900 Kenworth

The Kenworth truck is among the world's second most costly semi-trucks. The long-nose shape distinguishes the design, traditionally associated with hard labor and American design talent. Kenworth is one of the oldest industrial vehicles, perfectly integrating classic appearance with contemporary engineering. The engine boasts 635 horsepower, making it perfect for extended cross-country travels. The inside chamber has bunk beds, TVs, refrigerators, and other amenities, without sacrificing comfort. This complete lack of compromise on comfort makes it seem almost like a mobile service apartment – and adds to the Kenworth W900 being one of the most expensive semi-trucks on the road.

3. Volvo FH16

The Volvo FH16 semi-truck is equipped with a 750-horsepower engine. This powerful vehicle can readily handle any terrain, load weight and weather conditions without discomfort to the driver.

The interior is comfortable and large, allowing drivers to rest in luxury throughout lengthy journeys. Driving these trucks is a delight because of Volvo's famed technology.

4. Mack Titan 

Mack Trucks creates this truck, which is well-known for its superb design. It can transport even the heaviest equipment, such as heavy mining machines. As a result, it is the preferred vehicle for the mining sector. The long-chest design is ideal for producing aerodynamic power and is available in three engine types – 515, 565, and 605 horsepower. Fully leathered interiors give it a sophisticated appearance while also ensuring that operators  enjoy unprecedented  comfort levels when driving.

5. R730 V8 Scania

The Scania R730 V8, a Swedish-made truck with an 8-cylinder engine that produces 730 horsepower, is another important name. The sleek style, high-tech features, and superb interior comforts combine for a desirable mix that validates this model's dominance in the US trucking industry. Even when operators are not driving, the all-weather and all-terrain vehicle provides a fantastic experience.

6. Lonestar International

The International Lonestar is distinguished by its unusual huge grill design, which harkens back to the days of Cadillac trucks. The design is both aerodynamic and visually appealing, and the 600-horsepower engine provides a pleasant ride. The interiors are upholstered in leather and include high-end conveniences. It's also quite large inside the cabin, which helps the drivers to have a more relaxed experience and take much-needed comfortable rests when traveling long distances.

7. VNL 780 Volvo

This stunning creature may often be seen on the roadways of North America. With three engine options – 600 horsepower, 500 horsepower, and 405 horsepower – this truck assures excellent fuel efficiency thanks to its unique design structure and innovative Volvo technology. Apart from its outstanding on-road performance, this vehicle is notable for its interior comfort. The chairs are simply converted into beds, and these seat-cum-beds also provide more storage capacity. The cabin is a beautiful mix of office space, bedroom, and dining area, all elegantly built to maximize space efficiency. The VNL 780 is dubbed "a home away from home" for a good reason.

8. Cascadia

The New Freightliner Cascadia has a strong presence in the North American transportation industry. Its outstanding engineering ensures fuel efficiency is greater than much of the competition in its category. The engine is easily accessible because of the truck's chest, which opens vertically. This is one of Cascadia's most distinctive characteristics. The engines come in various power outputs, ranging from 305 to 600 horsepower. This model's low air resistance allows for a lot of power to be delivered to the truck. The interiors have been built to enable a variety of luxurious amenities well suited to the big cabin area.

9. Man TGX D38

The eye-catching design combines the much-needed characteristics of performance and efficiency. The Man TGX D38 is a popular vehicle among many in the business. The outstanding design and 640 horsepower engine offer a smooth driving experience on any terrain, even in the most challenging weather conditions. The interiors are among the biggest in their class, providing drivers with an unrivaled comfort level. This keeps them in the proper fit and healthy state, allowing them to drive comfortably even in rugged terrain.

10. Classic Volvo FH16

The FH16 Classic is a deadly blend of "beauty and the beast" and is one of Volvo's most elegantly built trucks. The super-powerful 750 engine enables you to drive on any kind of road comfortably. Heavy construction equipment and mining machinery manufacturers favor the FH16 Classic because it can handle weights up to 120 tones. The interiors are spacious and very pleasant, with numerous driver aid features. When you're behind the wheel of the Volvo FH16 Classic, you'll be smiling no matter where you go.

Final words

There are several different models  of semi-trucks available. The type of truck used would be determined by the type of cargo being transported, distance traveled, load weight, common terrain and environmental factors. A vast number of semi-truck manufacturers may be found across the United States. Some are international corporations, while others are regional companies. There are several producers in the United States. Several of these vehicles are pretty pricey but are equipped come with cutting-edge features and often well worth the spend for operators who live life on the road.

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